2022 elections:A renown tech company in Kenya introduces a political opinion polls mobile app as aspirants strategises on getting leadership positions.


Technology is the use of advanced scientific methods to improve efficiency. Technology is rapidly changing everything we know about i.e agriculture, communication, finance etc. . A company called Trop Analytics is working on an innovative solution that will change Kenyan politics using mobile technology. A solution that is aimed at helping Kenyans to make the right decision in the future elections. “We always complain about poor leadership in Kenya but most oftenly, we do nothing else but cursing. It’s time for us to become proactive and offer solutions that can fix poor leadership in Kenya. With technology, we can do it. By promoting e-democracy, we can educate our voters on how to choose the appropriate leaders”. explained the company’s spokesman.

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TROP, (THE REAL OPINION POLL) has a database of all leaders who are seeking leadership positions in the 2022 General elections and upcoming by-elections.The beauty of  TROP is that it covers all positions from MCA to Presidential unlike other survey sites which only features polls for presidential candidates.   

TROP allows anyone with a smartphone running android 4.4 and above to register with a mobile number and participate in polls. When asked why they came up with such an innovative approach, the spokesman said that they are seeking to address various loopholes that have led to polls being erroneous and hence becoming irrelevant. “Other survey platforms you all know about have 2 or 3 representatives in every polling station in Kenya. When they want to collect some data, they make calls to these representatives to collect opinions. It’s then assumed that the opinions of the 2 or 3 representatives is that of the citizens in that area. A polling station can have 3000, voters or more. That’s a huge assumption” explained the spokesman.  TROP can handle a limitless number of citizens who can give their unique opinions. The data is then aggregated and very advanced algorithms are applied to give accurate and real time polls.

Why leaders should start using TROP.

  1. Online presence. TROP allows aspirants to upload their personal details in a public domain. During registration, the aspirant enters the official name, picks the location where he wants to vie, uploads a photo, selects the position and political party and. Once the profile is approved, the aspirant can add more details like, academics, mission and vision statement, work history. An aspirant can add a 1min video about themselves and what they have to offer to the people.  Aspirants can upload their manifesto in the portal and members of the public can read. There is also a feature for adding events and each event has details and a gallery. This is very useful so that followers of the aspirant can know the events ahead as well as look at past events galleries.
  1. Self-assessment. Subscribers on TROP can choose their favourite candidates. This can help the aspirant to assess his popularity which can even be broken down per area. e.g. A governor aspirant can tell which sub-county he has low or high support. This can  help the candidate to strategize for the purpose of gaining popularity.
  2. Know where to fall.  With the division in national politics, it would be very important for an aspirant to know which formation is popular in his area and that way he can wisely decide where to align himself. In Mt Kenya region as an example, there are two factions one Kieleweke and Tanga Tanga. TROP has a poll section where subscribers can choose their favorite political affiliation. Aspirants can use that data to know which political party is popular in his area.
  3. Demonstrate capacity and popularity by mobilising digitally. “Most People Won’t Support You Until They See It’s Popular to Support You” – BBNaija Star, Erica. As a leader, the first thing to show is the ability to mobilize. Against a backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the conventional door to door election campaigns and political rallies could become a challenge due to the need to maintain social distance. As leaders need to keep mobilizing, Trop helps to do that in a more technological approach. Mobilising and showing capacity can help an aspirant when negotiating or getting people to fund their campaigns. Young political parties which may find it hard to conduct nominations can issue direct tickets to candidates who have a huge following on TROP.
  4. Political parties predictions. TROP will help political parties know the number of positions they will likely achieve even before the elections.e.g, The number of MPS a party will possibly achieve. These predictions will be based on the aspirants who will be leading in every location. The ability to combine data collected in all different locations and interpolate it to generate other predictions is what makes TROP polls different from other polls created on social platforms like Facebook.

TROP implements several control measures to ensure data consistency, credibility and accuracy. Every user must set a county, sub county and ward to participate in the polls. This ensures that he can see all aspirants in all locations but he can only participate in polls from the locations he has set. This is something that other polls platforms do not control. TROP ensures that every mobile number and every mobile device can only vote once. This prevents poll abuse and improves data accuracy.

TROP stores the voting patterns for its users in an online database. This ensures that even if a user signs up in another device with the same number, the voting patterns in the old device is restored.

Trop seeks to address political uncertainty that has always led to unnecessary court battles. We all know the usual phrase used by political brokers. “niwewe tu”. This makes politicians become so over confident but when they go to the ballot, they find things different. It’s after the elections that losers start filing petitions to challenge actual polls results.

Trop has 3200+ subscribers and over 800+ aspirants are already mobilizing using the platform.

The app has 2 versions which can be downloaded using the links below.

Full version 16.3mbs | Aspirants can register themselves with this version.


Lite version 2.3mbs



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