The Cyber Pandemic


How the Cyber Pandemic may look like; Lessons Learned from COVID-19

No country, system, or organization is immune to cyber threats, not even those with the most cutting-edge protective measures. We have all witnessed the rapture of COVID-19 and God willing, we will live to tell a story to the generations to come. Since the global pandemic caught us unmindful, who knows what is coming next; it could be anything.

Considering the current trends and massive use of technology, cyber-attacks, cloud computing, IoT, Robotics, etc. possibly the next occurrence we should watch out for is the “cyber pandemic” which may have similar characteristics like those of COVID-19 that would spread faster because the current situation has shown us that the world is at great risk of disruption by epidemics, cyberattacks and many more other occurrences that are unknown.

Here is how the cyber pandemic may look like; and what we are likely to experience;

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Last thoughts

To better prepare for the cyber pandemic, there is a continuous need for developing the cybersecurity competencies of technical specialists in today’s fast and ever-changing threat landscape. This will require ongoing skills training and regular practice of crisis mitigation plans which are essential to preparing and enabling response teams to react quickly and effectively to increasingly sophisticated types of attacks and prevent losses to the organization and negative economic disruption.

A COVID-like global cyber pandemic may spread faster and further than a biological virus, with an equal or greater impact on humans, economy, innovation, etc. therefore, we need a clearer understanding of the changes in the cyberthreat landscape and adjusting strategies and mitigation plans accordingly through upgrading technical expertise.

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