Mozilla awarding upto $50,000 in FUNDING for COVID-19 related Tech projects


Mozilla announced the creation of a COVID-19 solutions fund as part of the Mozilla Open Source Support Program (MOSS). The fund will support open-source hardware or software projects that could help respond to COVID-19. 

With COVID -19 still ravaging the world, global efforts are being made to help mitigate the challenges that the pandemic has posed. Both Individuals and institutions have developed and are still developing creative medical technologies to assist already overwhelmed hospitals and governments who are facing acute shortages of supplies and equipment such as ventilators. 

Various organisations in countries such as India, UK, Switzerland, China among others have organised and sponsored hackathons hoping to come up with IT-based (or not) open-source solutions to the medical, social and other problems that COVID-19 has presented.

Mozilla will consider applications that are hardware (e.g., open-source ventilators), software (e.g., a network that links hospitals to people who have 3D printers that can print parts for the open-source ventilators). The fund will also support software that addresses COVID-19’s secondary effects (e.g., a browser plugin that combats COVID related misinformation). 

Mozilla has up to $50,000 in funding and invites applications from individuals all over the world. A few key details of the program include the following:- 

  • We are generally looking to fund reasonably mature projects that can immediately deploy our funding, early-stage ideas are unlikely to receive funding.
  • We generally expect awardees to use all funds within three months of receiving the award.
  • We will accept applications from anywhere in the world to the extent legally permitted.
  • We will accept applications from any type of legal entity, including NGOs, for-profit hospitals, or a team of developers with strong ties to an affected community.
  • Applications will be accepted and reviewed on a rolling basis.
  • The MOSS committee will only consider projects which are released publicly under a license that is either a free software license according to the FSF or an open source license according to the OSI. Projects which are not licensed for use under an open-source license are not eligible for MOSS funding.

This fund is part of the Mozilla Open Source Support Program (MOSS), so only projects which are licensed for use under an open-source license according to the Free Software Foundation or the Open Source Initiative can apply for funds.

To apply, please visit: ​


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