Truehost Cloud – A Cloud computing start


A Cloud computing start up in Kenya, Truehost Cloud, is taking the world by storm. The company that started only three years ago is now not only one of the leading web hosting services provider in Kenya, but also a global player in provision of Cloud computing services such as servers, email services, data back up, web design and SSL Certificates. Besides having a presence in Kenya, Nigeria and the US, Truehost Cloud servers a global clientele with presence in Europe, India and even China. How did a Kenyan startup manage to pull this stunt in such a short period?

Like many other startups in the Silicon Savannah, Truehost Cloud has grown rapidly by capitalizing on various market gaps and innovating with a global clientele in mind. When the company started, one of the biggest market barriers to adoption of Cloud Services in Kenya was high cost and limited support. Truehost Cloud entered the market with affordable prices and was the first company to start offering 24/7/365 support via phone, emails and chats. This move saw many people falling in love with their services as the existing knowledge gaps that were a barrier to having websites were broken with dedicated support. This led to a massive growth in the number of domains that Truehost Cloud registered.

Besides that, Truehost Cloud started offering web design services through freelance web developers. This move was done through Truehost marketplace, where developers could register to get clients online, and where people could go and order services such as website design, log design or even application development. The service allows Truehost Cloud to provide escrow service where clients find a developer and agree on the cost, then deposit money with Truehost Cloud for the service. Truehost then pays the developer once the client has confirmed that work has been done as agreed. This move safeguards the interests of both the developer and the person who is looking for service. With time, Truehost MarketPlace has grown to be a favorite place for web development services, with orders coming from all over the world.

What were the challenges that Truehost Cloud faced? Like ay startup, the first moment are hard and the learning curve is very steep. Truehost had to invest in training staff on how to manage Cloud services. This continues to date with the Truehost Internship program which trains university students every year through internships. The Cloud computing field also requires constant learning as technologies keep changing very rapidly.

The future of Truehost Cloud is expansion into other markets, and introducing cutting edge services in emerging markets. Already, Truehost Cloud’s Cloudoon Email service offers world class email service that competes with other platforms such as Microsoft’s and Google’s, but at an affordable cost. Truehost Cloud aims to compete with the top global cloud services providers while still retaining the African roots. Already, Truehost has won several awards from KeNIC, and received a global recognition through various bodies.


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