5 life hacks to ensure you don’t get hacked


This year saw major data breaches in companies like British Airways and Facebook, and experts reckon this will continue throughout 2019.

Speaking at Fortinet’s international media conference in Sophia Antipolis France this week, global security strategist Derek Manky, shared simple things individuals and businesses can do to better protect their data.

1. Understand security

When signing up for something, if you have to provide your data, always question the security behind that, advised Manky.

In the same way you would think twice before handing someone your house or car keys, think twice before handing over your information. Individuals need to develop a security-conscious mindset, he said.

2. Download apps with caution

A good trick is to check how many downloads an application has before downloading it yourself. If there are not hundreds or thousands of downloads for what should be a popular game, chances are it’s a virus, said Manky.

3. Don’t open random emails

Pick before you click, Manky advised. Phishing attacks normally arrive via email, and would take you to a suspicious site.

4. Follow security blogs

According to Manky, security blogs are freely available online and allow users to stay up to date with tips and tricks on cyber security. It’s the basics that people don’t get right – which cybercriminals then take advantage of to create damage, he noted.

5. Go back to basics

Many businesses also don’t follow basic principles. Businesses must keep up with reviews of devices and other measures. Often, there is a false sense of security that means businesses protect elements they can see, Manky commented.

Sometimes it takes a major data breach to change their mentality, he added, saying businesses should keep their employees up to speed on cyber security education – as this will help a lot in detecting any suspicious activity.


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