Which Fitbit is waterproof? How to know which tracker to buy before you dive in


A waterproof fitness tracker means you can dive into a pool or jump into the shower on a morning and not have to worry about whether you’re going to damage your wristband.

Not all fitness trackers are waterproof though. More and more trackers are waterproof though as the technology has become far more common. It used to be a technology reserved for high-end devices, but now even some far cheaper devices like the Xiaomi Mi Band 3 are even able to take a dip.

Just because they’re high end fitness trackers doesn’t make every Fitbit device pool worthy either. Here we’re going to run you through every product made by Fitbit that’s water resistant.

Now we may use the term “waterproof”, but it’s worth noting that doesn’t mean these trackers can go anywhere wet and do anything when submerged. Each of these trackers have limits, and we’ve put what you need to know about each at the the end of each entry.


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